EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat: The Simplified Way of Counting Cards

Baccarat is a simple game that can play with friends or at casinos. It’s easy to learn, but it’s also fun to play and can be very exciting. You’ll have to memorize a few different rules if you want to play with the professionals. But now there’s a new way of playing called EZ Baccarat which makes this popular card game even more exciting.

EZ Baccarat is a simplified version of the traditional game, in which a deck of cards is used to keep track of scores. The dealer deals each player two cards face down and one card face up, and then adds all the values together. The highest score wins.

EZ Baccarat Gameplay

EZ Baccarat Gameplay
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EZ Baccarat is, as its name implies, a quick and simple game to play.

  • The Player and the Banker each have a hand.
  • The dealer deals each hand two cards. The value of the first two cards will determine whether each hand receives a third card.
  • You bet on the hand that will end up with the closest number of points to nine (9).
  • You add the cards in each hand and only count the last digit. So a 19 is a nine.

Betting Option

You have the option of placing a wager on either the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand having the highest total. You can also choose to place a wager on there being a tie. A wager placed on either the Player or the Banker results in even money being paid out. A tie wager wins 9:1. The game of EZ Baccarat is played in the same manner as traditional Baccarat. But, there is no longer a 5% commission charged on winning wagers placed on the banker’s hand. The hand is considered a push whenever the banker’s hand wins with a three-card seven.

EZ Baccarat Rules

The rules for this game are very like the rules for regular baccarat. Most of the time, you can ask the dealer for help if you need it. Here are the rules for EZ Baccarat that you need to know before you can play.

  • To begin, players must either bet on the dealer’s hand or on their own.
  • The goal is the same as in regular baccarat: to get as close to nine points as possible. Scores do not include double digits. For instance, a hand with 16 cards would only be worth 6.
  • Both the player and the dealer have two to three cards in their hands.
  • Face cards and 10s are worthless. The value of an ace is one.
  • If a player has a hand value between 1 and 5, they must hit. If a player has a hand value between 6 and 9, they must stand.
  • A natural eight or nine prevents the other player from drawing another card.

Baccarat vs EZ Baccarat

Baccarat vs EZ Baccarat
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EZ Baccarat is one of the newest ways to play baccarat, which is already a popular casino game. The rules and how to play are the same. But there are also some important differences that players should know about.


Regular baccarat and EZ games are very similar in a lot of ways. Since EZ-style games were based on regular baccarat, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you know how to play regular baccarat, you should be able to play the EZ version as well.

One of the most important similarities is that both EZ. Traditional baccarat uses the same scoring method. You can apply your understanding of baccarat hand scoring in games like EZ.

The rules for how to play your hands are another important similarity. For instance, if a hand is worth five or less, the party must draw a third card.

Also, the rule for a natural eight or nine is the same in both. “Natural” means that your two cards add up to eight or nine. When these things happen, the other player can’t get a third card.


There are also some differences that players should know about. Even though most of the changes may seem small, they can have big effects on the game. When coming up with their plans, players should think about these differences.

The fact that EZ-style games have two new side bets is one of the biggest differences. Only EZ games have the Panda 8 and Dragon 7 bets. If a player bets on a three-card eight or seven-point hand, they can win a lot of money.

Because there are no commissions in EZ games, the house edge is less. In normal baccarat, if a player bets on the banker and wins, they have to pay a commission to the dealer. EZ games don’t have this rule, so banker bets pay even odds of

Don’t Rely on Systems

Using a baccarat system can be more fun than playing the game. It requires you to change the way you bet to win more money in the short term. Here’s a simple way to play baccarat.

  • You look for streaks of losing on either the player side or the banker side.
  • The idea is to wager on the team that is most likely to win the following game.
  • Three times in a row, the player side has lost.
  • You bet on the player’s hand with the hope that it will win in the end.
  • The side with the banker starts to lose.
  • You now change your bets to the banker’s hand.
  • In theory, things sound good. But in reality, they won’t help you win any more than if you played. They don’t change the house advantage or your long-term earnings in any way.

Because you have to alternate between the greatest and second-best options. The above approach is dangerous. If you wager on the banker, your chances of winning are lower.

Lower House Edge

EZ Baccarat House Edge
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In a normal game of baccarat, the house has a 1.06% edge on the banker bet. Even though there are 5% commissions, the house advantage is still this low.

With EZ Baccarat, you have an even better chance to win. Because there are no commissions, the house edge on the banker bet is only 1.02%.

Even better, the EZ version would give you an edge over the casino. But the focus on winning with three sevens is enough to make up for the lack of commissions.

Still, EZ baccarat gives you a better chance of winning. If you bet on the banker, the house will only have a 1.02% edge over you.


EZ Baccarat is a great way to learn the basics of the game and count cards at the same time. It’s also a good game for people who have never played baccarat before. The simplified rules make it easy to follow along with what’s happening on screen. Also to understand why each decision was made by players or dealers alike






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