Roulette Games: Differences between Two kinds of Roulette

Many players have trouble telling the difference between American roulette and European roulette. Well, there’s no longer any reason to be confused. This article will examine the similarities and differences between these two types of roulette games. Their rules and anything else you need to know about them.

The Roulette wheel has become the most popular feature at many global casinos. Due to the sheer sense of theater it provides. The air is tinged with excitement, anticipation, and hope. As the red and black wheel spins before sparking elation if the ball lands in the right pocket.

About European and American Roulette

European and American Roulette Games

European Roulette Games

European roulette games have been around since the medieval period. Also believed to be the oldest casino game. The wheel used for European roulette is a little smaller than the wheel used in American roulette it’s about 19 inches across compared to 21 inches. This means that European roulette has more numbers on it than American roulette does: 18 instead of 21. It also means fewer spots on each number and only 36 spots on each number!

American Roulette Games

Charles Feydy invented American roulette games in 1931. The wheel used for American roulette is almost identical to the one used in European roulette. The same size (21 inches) and the exact number of spots (18). But it has one significant difference: there are no zeros on the wheel! This means that players don’t have an advantage when playing American roulette. They don’t know what number will come up next, so they can’t bet on it, knowing it won’t hit zero like European.

The Difference Between American and European Roulette

The main difference between American and European roulette is that American roulette has an extra number. The 00 (double zero) gives the casino a higher house edge. In American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%, while in European roulette, the house edge is 2.7%. This means you have a much better chance of winning in European roulette.

So, these two roulette tables have different gameplay. But the goal is to beat the odds by choosing numbers. There are two types of roulette tables that people can gamble on, which are American and European. The main difference between these two is that American roulette has double zero while European roulette only has one zero. As a result, the odds of winning in American roulette are lower than in European roulette.

American roulette is more accessible in gameplay. As gamblers only need to understand the odds of winning. But European roulette rules make an extra twist in gameplay. With the gambler having an extra agency on outcomes.

Another difference is that in American roulette, you can bet which number will come up next (1-36). In European roulette, you can only bet on which color will come up next (red or black)

The Two Major Differences Between ThemThe first is the largest bet. In American Roulette, the largest bet is $50.00 per spin, whereas, in European Roulette, it’s $100.00 per spin.

The second difference is the number of decks. In American Roulette, there are 38 cards per deck; in European Roulette, there are 51 cards per deck.

The Real Version of European and American Roulette Games

The basic version between American and European Roulette is that they have much in common. Although they have different names, they are both games of chance. European roulette is also French roulette, Deauville, Baccarat, and Corsica. It was invented in the 19th century by Charles de Ville Wells.

The game can be played on a wheel with numbers 0 through 36. The player spins the wheel, and depending on where the ball lands, he or she wins or loses money. This game has many variations, such as playing with one or two dice instead of the wheel. But all versions follow similar rules for how to play it.

American roulette is also known as American or European. It was first introduced to America from Europe but later became famous in its own right. This game has 36 pockets on a wheel divided into columns of four numbers from 0-36

Gameplay Rules

Gameplay Rules

Europe and America are two different countries. So, there’s no wonder that roulette rules vary from place to place.

European RouletteEuropean Roulette is a casino game that plays with a single zero-wheel. The player places bets on the table layout, and the dealer spins the wheel in one direction. Then turns the ball in the opposite direction around the wheel.
American RouletteAmerican Roulette can play with one wheel, a table, and 36 numbered pockets. The pockets numbers are 1 to 36. The idea is to bet on the ball’s number to land in or pass through.

European and American Roulette Pay-out

If you are a European or American roulette player in a casino with a high payout table. Then you should know the amount of money you get from your win by the number of red and black balls. This means that if you have 5 red balls and 1 black ball, you will receive $5 for every spin. If there are 6 red balls and 1 black ball, then you will receive $6 for every spin. If there are 0 red and 0 black balls on the table, then there will be no payout for any spin.


We hope you’ve learned much about the two kinds of roulette: American and European. They are pretty different, and it’s essential to know their differences. So that you can make informed decisions about which kind of roulette game you want to play.






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